The Official Baby Watcher  ('The O.B.W.') 2019
        A "Fanciful" Baby Watchman Character with a "Real" Purpose and Mission
Copyright 12/2019***


       The artist with his troop of       
                          Li'l Baby Watchers".




Wob, (ryhmes with Rob), the hero in our story has not always been a dashing debonair hero like you see on the left.

Once he was a lonely, peculiar, mussy-looking misfit like you see on the right.                                       >>>>> 



STORY DEDICATION: This story book is dedicated to all children born and born-to-be…May all children have someone to watch over them, care for them and love them always.” The artist.

The book tells the story of a brave little misfit named, Wob (rhymes with Rob), and how he overcame his self-doubt and fears to save the baby in the story from harm - to become a special hero of a different sort.

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 CONTACT: Ray Gatica: 281-441-9714, or email, with questions or concerns.

NOTE to readers: The Official Baby Watcher?, The OBW, The Lil Baby Watcher, are all one-and-same. The names, are used interchangeably by the author/artist.









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OUR VISION: More on the Character and Concept

Story Book with Dedication

Press Release 12/2017


There is a so much more to this concept/character than meets the eye! Please take a few minutes to visit the following links to learn more about the overall idea. 



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