Few Words from the Artist:  “There should be no mystery behind the Official Baby Watcher, he is simply, a reflection of my caring for small children. I created the original Baby Watcher a few years ago, as a thoughtful gift for a friend’s newborn baby because ‘I wanted to give the baby a special, meaningful gift, something significant and with a purpose. ‘I thought - the greatest thing I could give a child would be their very own personal guardian that would watch over them forever.’ From this thought, The OBW character was born.” 

During the past few years, I have shared these lovable keepsakes with nephews, nieces and friend’s children.  Now, through these unique dolls - the whole world, too, can share the same loving, caring sentiment with their small family members, new and future family additions and friends' children. 

Artist, Ray Gatica

NOTE: 'The Official Baby Watcher',
 'The OBW', 'The Lil Baby Watcher' 
are one and the same. The trade names are used interchangeably


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Above: You can see the original OBW Sculptor [A], and Lil Baby Watcher dolls with their creator: artist, Ray Gatica. The dolls seen here, were the original prototypes A second edition are in the works.   

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