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At Gatica Art, we are prolific and diverse, creating from modern, sophisticated, figurative edgy art and illustrations to well rounded 3-dimensional, whimsical children's characters with corresponding petry and storylines that lend themselves to across-the-board licensing opportunities. Our art is fresh and airy - not stuffy! And,our incomparable characters can stand out and stand alone in the market place.  

Artist Ray Gatica currently resides in Humble TX. He has  been in the Art and Design field for over twenty years. 

He likes to create conceptual art like The O.B.W. along with writing poetry, songs, promotional material and editorials. He also creates art and all sort of creative things.

Gatica has been an freelance, commercial artist for over thirty years having provided a createive service where hes has ctreaed for numerous professional and private clients over the years.created for .  

You can see some of his works at www.GaticaArt.com, www.AirbrushMagic.net, www.MuralsandBigArt.com, and www.TheLilBabyWatcher.com.

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