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                                               Plush Dolls double as a decorative /Wallhanging for the baby's room    

                                                                            Doll Package Defined


The idea behind the dolls, is that when the child is not playing with the doll it gets hung up on the wall where it serves as a decorative, stimulating  wall-hanging where he performs its official duty, that of being a 'Baby Watcher'.


ABOVE: The Doll/Decorative Wall-Hanging package includes a Story-Card telling how the character came to being Go to read Story, and
a Personalization Placard to be filled in with baby's name and birth date. This serves to form a bond between the baby and his/her baby watcher.

They make the ultimate Baby Gift to be shared with friends of baby boys and girls of any nationality! 

 Suggested Retail price: $14.95 NOTICE: All prices are subject to change without notice


The dolls are available in 4-ssorted face and hair color combinations serving to make them unique multicultural gift items for baby boys and girls of all nationalities. They are also non-gender specific items - serving to make great gifts for baby boys and girls!

Although they look similar, each has their own unique look and personality.

These precious dolls are expected to become the first baby gifts from doting parents, grandparents and other family members and friends of babies and small children. The dolls will be an extension of their love and caring for the child - making it the ultimate Gift from the Heart.

Product Specifics: Approximately14 inches tall, Playable child-safe soft plush material, suitable for small children/babies,  1" diameter, hanging cloth loop in rear, 4-assorted face and hair color combinations - to reflect its multicultural market. The colors are a stimulating, primary colors scheme.  Each soft plush Doll/Wall-hanging weighs around 8 ounces; is 15 inches tall, 2 inches in depth, and has a cloth loop on the back for hanging on the wall. Go read more>

They make the ultimate Baby Gifts to be shared with friends of baby boys and girls of any nationality! 

 CONTACT: Ray Gatica: 281-441-9714, or email, with questions or concerns.

NOTE to readers: The Official Baby Watcher?, The OBW, The Lil Baby Watcher, are all one-and-same. The names, are used interchangeably by the author/artist.