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December 6, 2017


Author Wishes to Share Positive Children’s Story with Families, Especially Children
Author believes the story based on whimsical “fanciful” character with a “real” purpose may be used to ease sibling rivalry among young children.

 Author/artist, Ray Gatica, from Humble, TX, seeks to share his story which is based on an whimsical, conceptual character he created as a baby gift for a friend’s new born baby. “The original 2-dimensional airbrush rendering was of what I imagined a baby watchman would look like if it were real. The story came later when I felt compelled to define the character and put him into some kind of context,” says the artist.

 This is the first time the story is being shared with the general public. The story’s lesson is that even though we are all different, we are all uniquely special in our certain way. And, even though it is a story for children - adults too, will feel an affinity with the character because ultimately, ‘the story is about the little misfit in us all’.

The story can be read and downloaded for free, online at ‘’ There at the center of page - they can click on the ‘Read the Story’ link and, select to read the story in either English or Spanish; There is also a text only version so the story can be placed in a translator program and have it translated into the language of their choice. It is approximately 1300 words, about a fifteen minute read. It is accompanied by color illustrations.  It is positive, inspirational reading for ages 3 on up. 

The story tells about a seemingly unimportant misfit character who earns the title “The Official Baby Watcher™'' (‘The OBW™') when he saves the baby in the story from pending harm. In an abstract way, the artist/author considers the story’s main character a “fanciful” character with a “real” purpose and mission which is to ‘rally and unite families for watching over babies and small children’s well-being’. The story is expected to inspire participation by the family but especially the children, the older siblings, who will strive to become extensions of the character; and team-up in the home - to help the character in watching over their younger baby brothers or sisters (read Epilogue at site). “This is the twist that allows the character’s fanciful mission to become a warm reality,” the artist explains. “I see the character as having social redeeming value,” says the artist.

“I believe that as a life-long artist - I have created my ultimate, piece of art in ‘The Official Baby Watcher’ concept. Also, that the ultimate art, is art you can share with everyone,” Gatica believes. Therefore, without getting too serious, the author believes the story can be used as a fun, novelty tool in minimizing sibling rivalry among young children.  Never has there been a character with his positive, unique purpose and mission.ILLUSTRATION  7 JPG 08.jpg (123161 bytes)

“Imagine a world of ‘Baby Watchers,” says the artist. I would like families to share the story with children of all nationalities to help in spreading its wholesome, positive mission world-wide.

Gatica can be contacted through the website with any questions, comments or concerns.


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