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Just then he heard the ‘Little Voice from Within’, say you have to save the baby Wob. There is nobody else. “Yes” thought Wob, “I must alert the family! How it would happen he didn’t know, then everything went dark.

Suddenly, the colors on his outfit started to change and all his colors got bright and dazzling! His big black boots became shiny - shiny. The medals on his red sash were sparkling, shimmering and jingling! Because of his “GREAT LOVE FOR THE BABY” he was shining like a beacon from a lighthouse! 

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From the other room the family heard Wob's medals jingling and saw the dazzling, sparkling lights and hurriedly ran to the baby’s room. As the cold rain and wind came in, Daddy pushed with all his might and  was able to push the BIG branch out the window and closed it. Luckily, they had arrived just in time to stop the broken tree branch from falling on the baby’s bed. 

Mommy checked on the baby. The baby was crying, but only from fright.

Wob was glad that it had not been Stranger Danger after all. Wob was so happy that he had been able to save the baby – he was still glowing and smiling proudly. 

After the excitement was over, Mother and Father walked over to the high shelf and thanked, Wob. They realized this little character they hardly ever noticed had saved their baby from harm. Father said ‘look at the way he is standing and saluting he looks quite official - lets call him, “The Official Baby Watcher.

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Father, then reached for Wob, picked him off the high shelf and set him closer to the baby’s bed. Mother, gave Wob a big kiss on the cheek. Wob, felt a warm glow inside - he liked the feeling of father’s warm, gentle hands, and Mommy’s tender kiss. 

Finally, Wob is a part of the family – he is closer to the baby, and OBWKIDS.jpg (174567 bytes) somebody now. And even though the toys still think he is a funny sight – they like him and accept him just the way he is. 

The End.








EPILOGUE: Now Mommy, Daddy, Brother and Sister have formed “The Official Baby Watcher Helper’s Team” in their home to help Wob watch over the baby at all times. They now realize what a big job being a Baby Watcher really is. 

And, through the “I am an Official Baby Watcher’s Helper” T-shirts, the whole family can become "OBW Helpers" and have fun wearing the T-shirts while being instrumental in his Purpose and Mission. 

Therefore, with the family's help - his Fanciful mission becomes a warm Reality.

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