Excerpt I

After all the excitement was over, mother and father walked over to the high shelf and said, “Thank You” to Wob. They realized this little character that no one had ever paid attention too - had saved the baby from harm. 

Father then said, “You know he sure was very brave for a little guy, and the way he is standing and saluting he looks quite official - lets call him “The Official Baby Watcher.” 

Father, then reached for Wob and picked him off the high shelf and set him closer to the baby’s bed. Mother then gave Wob a big kiss on the cheek. Wob turned red and blushed. 

Even though, it was new to Wob, he liked the feeling of father’s warm, gentle hands and Mommy’s tender kiss. It all felt so nice to Wob - he felt a warm glow inside...

EPILOGUE: Now Mommy, Daddy, Brother and Sister have formed “The Official Baby Watcher Helper’s Team” in their home to help Wob watch over the baby at all times. They now realize what a big job being a Baby Watcher really is. This is where his mission originates.

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The Official Baby Watcher
A Story for Children

Story Excerpt- On how he got his Title; and Epilogue