The Official Baby Watcher  ('The O.B.W.')
        A "Fanciful" Baby Watchman Character with a "Real" Purpose and Mission
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"The Baby Watcher" Dolls are playable, soft plush Dolls that double as decorative Wall-Hangings for the babies’ rooms. The idea is that while the baby is not playing with it gets hung on the wall where it performs its fanciful duty of being a little watchman for the baby’s room. The dolls are special because they non-gender-specific, and are available in assorted face and hair color combinations that make them great meaningful, multi-cultural caring “Gifts from the Heart”, for baby boys and girls..

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NOW Read "The Official Baby Watcher" Story in ENGLISH or SPANISHA TEXT-VERSION is also there so you can put into a translator program to share the story in other languages.

*  STORY BRIEF: Read How the character's peculiar features allow him to be what he is, And how it got his peculiar Title/Name.

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* INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION behind the whole idea in the artist's words.

* HISTORY: Read and see pictures on the Concept and Character's development over the years.

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The OBW dolls make warm, caring gifts for babies of all nationalities!   Read  why   >>>                     

Above: The artist, with his troop of "Li'l Baby Watchers". They are warm caring gifts for new-born babies and small children.>>>>