The artist's INSPIRATION & MOTIVATION behind
The OBW concept and character



The Artist with his Troop of "The Lil Baby Watchers"

August 2021

INSPIRATION;  Have you ever had a need to create something because you can't find anything like it anywhere in stores? This is why "The Li'l Baby Watcher", came to being. I conceived the idea over 30 years ago for a friend's new-born baby because I wanted to give the new baby a meaningful unique “Gift from the Heart”, something significant and with a purpose. I thought - the greatest thing I could give a child would be their very own personal guardian that would watch over them forever", says artist. The original idea baby gift presented to my friend’s child was an 18” X 24" airbrushed rendering/illustration of what I imagined a baby watcher would look like. See following link to see the original OBW design. 

MOTIVATION: Abstract ArtBeing how "The OBW." was created by an artist, the concept may seem a bit abstract, but it shouldn't be...I only want families to accept him at face value - simply as a novelty, little watchman that watches over babies and small children - IN A FANCIFUL WAY OF COURSE! His Positive, Fanciful Mission is to rally the whole family in a fun way, for watching over babies and small children", says Gatica. Even though, the OBW character has been compared to the Guardian Angel, Gatica wants families to see him simply as an artistic character, a silent little sentinel that watches over babies and small children, lovingly and dutifully - in a special ‘fanciful’ way, of course.

"There should be no mystery behind the Official Baby Watcher; he is simply, a reflection of my caring for small children and all living things. 

As a semi-retired artist, I have created art and designs for numerous private and commercial clients over the past 40 years. But when I was not creating for clients, I created for myself-to serve my personal interests.   “The Official Baby Watcher” is one of those creations. It was a side project that I conceived, and have been developing, little by little, for over 30 years in between assorted art projects. All this time it has been in the back of my mind with the intention of sharing it with the world families someday. Now as I approach retirement age, and have slowed down, I figure the time is NOW. I still envision starting a “Society of Baby Watchers” where families all join together to watch over babies and small children’s well-being. Real. I am very proud of the overall concept I feel it is my ultimate artistic concept, and I would like for it to become a reality, based on my artistic vision. Ultimately, it would mean the world to me have families embrace it and share it with babies and small children of all nationalities of the world. Because the story and concept can easily translate into other languages and nationalities etc.

I feel that with the help from a few supporters I can make the overall concept come to life, and make it an artistic reality so I can share it with families and the world. By getting the families involved, it will help to form a “Society of “Baby Watchers”- for the benefit of all children! 

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