The multi-color face and hair combination these plush dolls are the perfect gifts for baby boys and girls of all nationalities!

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bove: is the artist and his troupe of “Official Baby Watchers”.

Read on the artist’s INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION behind the overall concept.


The Storybook is the market vehicle that introduces the character to families and especially to the young, older siblings of  baby boys and girls. Read how this makes its fanciful PURPOSE and MISSION a warm reality at following link. 

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Warm, caring "Gifts from the Heart", for baby boys and girls


“The Official Baby Watcher “('The O.B.W.')
A "Fanciful" Baby Watchman Character with a "Real" Purpose and Mission
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Finally a children’s gift with a warm caring purpose. Artist Ray Gatica created the OBW years ago as a caring baby gift for a friends new-born baby because he could not find anything like in stores. Read the artist's NSPIRATION and MOTIVATION behind the overall concept. 

I wanted to give the new baby a “Gift from the Heart”, something significant and with a purpose - a meaningful, unique extension of my caring for the baby.

 I thought - the greatest thing I could give a child would be their very own personal guardian that would watch over them forever", says artist.

Now through the multicolored dolls parents, grandparents friends can share this same warm thought with new born babies and small children of all nationalities.

We believe as long as babies are being born - The OBW will be there for them.


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