Purpose and Mission Defined

“Conceptually, I see the character as a ‘FANCIFUL' Baby Watchman™ that watches over babies - in a fanciful way of course, says its creator, artist Ray Gatica

We further believe that when “The Official Baby Watcher” story, behind the character is shared with the small children, older siblings of new-born babies - it will inspire them to become extensions of the character and help it watch over their younger sibling’s well-being serving to turn its FANCIFUL” Mission into a warm “REALITY’.


Ultimately, we see it starting a “Society of Baby Watcher Helpers” for the benefit of all small children. “Imagine a world of ‘Baby Watchers consisting of families,” says the artist. I would like families to share the story with children of all nationalities - to help in spreading its wholesome, positive mission world-wide. This is what we are asking the community to support via GoFundMe at the following link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/Help-artist-Ray-Gatica-share-his-art-with-children


There has never been a children's character like this  - with his special Purpose and Mission!


Any questions, concerns please contact the artist, Ray Gatica, 281-441-9714 or Email: Ray@GaticaArt.com or Text our cell at 832-794-2149.







  The Official Baby Watcher  ('The O.B.W.')
        We are asking for support from the community to help make the character's Fanciful duty a warm Reality.