Who is the Baby Watcher, you ask?

STORY BRIEF and How it’s peculiar features allow him to be what he is:

The story describes the character as a seemingly, lonely and seemingly unimportant, insignificant misfit of sorts, a peculiar, dusty, disheveled character named, Wob (rhymes with Bob), who sat alone up on a high shelf in the baby's room for no apparent reason. He was brought to the baby as a baby gift by uncle Ben.  And even though, he was in the baby's room, he was not a toy that the baby could play with. A peculiar misfit - he had a big head, a funny face, big nose, ears and eyes, short-short legs and big gigantic boots; and, instead of holding a rifle over his shoulder, like the soldier he slightly resembled - he held a useless candy-cane stick with lolli-pops on top.  You see, it his peculiar features which allow him to be what he is - because even though his legs are short-short and he has BIG gigantic feet, this allows him to stand tirelessly and dutifully and never get tired…And with his funny big ears and eyes he is able to watch and hear everything that happens in the baby’s room.  In the end, one day, with the help of his 'Voice from Within', he overcomes his fears and self-doubt and goes through a magical transformation that allows it to save the baby, in the story from imminent harm. From then on, he becomes a little hero-of-a-different-sort and part of the family and they name him “The Official Baby Watcher”.

ou can read and see on how he got his unusually, unique title/name at the following link:


The artist also created the color, story illustrations seen on the website in PhotoShop.