The Official Baby Watcher ™ 
A "Fanciful" Baby Watchman Character with a "Real" Purpose and Mission 
© Gatica ‘07 

STORY DEDICATION: This story book is dedicated to all children born and born-to-be…May all children have someone to watch over them care for them and love them always.” The artist.

This is the story of a brave little misfit named, Wob, and how he overcame his self and fears to save the baby in the story from harm to become a special hero of a different sort.


  The Official Baby Watcher Story  TEXT-VERSION


    You see, Wob, (rhymes with Rob) has not always been a debonair and smart looking like you see above. 
Once he was a mussy misfit like you see below, where he collected dust from being on a high shelf in the baby’s room without a purpose. And because of being on the high shelf, he was out of sight and out of mind, so the family never noticed him. 

    And, even though Wob was in the baby’s room he was not a toy the baby could play with. He was just a peculiar funny looking li’l guy with a big round head, a funny face, big ears, big round eyes and a big nose too. He had short-short legs and BIG funny boots. And instead of holding a rifle over his shoulder like a soldier, he resembled somewhat; he held a harmless candy cane stick with lollipops on top. And, because of his funny looks and being dusty from standing on the high shelf all the time - the toys thought he was a funny sight and laughed at him.

    The character had been brought as a baby gift by Uncle Ben, who had bought it from an artist, who had told him that it was a special baby gift for the baby’s room. So he was set on the shelf by the family and forgotten about. This made him feel lonely.

    But, despite Wob’s peculiarities, he was a smart little guy, and he also had feelings. And as he watched the toys down on the floor, he noticed they each had families they belonged to: The stuffed toy monkey with the bright red cap belonged to the monkey family. The small gray elephant colorful rings on his long trunk belonged to the elephant family. And the teddy bear with the forest-green ranger hat, of course, belonged to the bear family, and so on. But Wob didn’t have a family, and this made him feel sad and lonely. 
Wob, considered the toys very special. “If I was a toy, I could play with the baby and make him happy too”, he thought. But sadly, Wob was not a toy...His biggest wish in life was to be a part of the baby’s life and, be a part of the family. 

    Every day, from the high shelf, Wob watched as the toys jumped, hopped, flipped, whirled, rattled, boinged and made other funny noises that made the baby smile and laugh. They seemed to have so much fun! Wob, quietly wondered if he would ever become a part of the baby's life. 
Days passed...

    One night, Wob was feeling sad and lonely when he was startled by a voice. He was scared. “Why are you so sad Wob? asked the voice. Who? Who are you? He asked.
“I am your ‘Voice from Within’, the voice replied. “You know, you are very special too, Wob.” said the voice, “because you have strong legs, strong arms and a strong chest too. And with your big, sturdy feet, you can stand solidly on them, so you never get tired. As Wob listened to the friendly sounding voice, he realized it was trying to help him. Then the voice slowly faded away as it left Wob thinking. 

    “The voice is right! He thought. With my big eyes and big ears I can hear and see everything in the baby’s room. And, even though my legs are short, I am on this high shelf, higher than everyone else. I can see far out the window, and see the bright sunshine, the birds, the pretty butterflies, and even the squirrels playing on the tree branches. And, at night, I can see the sparkling, twinkling stars and the pretty moonlight too.” From up here, I can watch over the whole room. Wow! It’s like being a watchman - high in a watchtower. How exciting!” he thought.

    From that day on, Wob pretended to be a very important, watchman for the baby’s room. He stood his watchman post lovingly and dutifully. The li’l voice became his best friend. It came to talk to him regularly. It always told him to keep a smile and to keep his post of watching over the baby’s room.
More days passed... 

    One day it got dark and stormy. Wob heard loud thunder ROARS, RUMBLES and BOOMS. The wind was HOWLING WHOOOooo! It was during the BRIGHT lightning FLASHES he saw a dark shadow near the window. It was tapping, scratching and screeching on the windowpane. ‘Wob, was scared…

    Once, he had overheard Mommy and daddy talking about “Stranger Danger”, and stories of babies and small children having disappeared and never heard from again. As he was thinking this, the DARK SHADOW appeared near the window again. Suddenly the scary shadow pushed and the window flung open. THACK it went as it hit the wall. Wob froze from fright. How am “I” going to stop Stranger Danger from coming in? 

    Just then he heard the ‘Little Voice from Within’, say you have to save the baby Wob, it is up to you! There is nobody else. “Yes I must alert the family!” “It is up to me” he thought! How it would happen he didn’t know. Then everything went dark.

    Suddenly, the colors on his outfit started to change and all his colors got bright and dazzling! His big black boots became shiny - shiny. The medals on his red sash were sparkling, shimmering and jingling! Because of his “GREAT LOVE FOR THE BABY” he was shining like a beacon from a lighthouse! 

    Just then he heard the ‘Little Voice from Within’, say you have to save the baby Wob. There is nobody else. “Yes” he thought, “I must alert the family! How it would happen he didn’t know. Then, suddenly everything went dark.

    Suddenly, the colors on his outfit started to change and all his colors got bright and dazzling! His big black boots became shiny - shiny. The medals on his red sash were sparkling, shimmering and jingling! Because of his “GREAT LOVE FOR THE BABY” he was shining like a beacon from a lighthouse!

    From the other room the family heard Wob's medals jingling and saw the dazzling, sparkling lights and hurriedly ran to the baby’s room. As the cold rain and wind came in, Daddy pushed with all his might and was able to push the BIG branch out the window and closed it. Luckily, they had arrived just in time to stop the broken tree branch from falling on the baby’s bed. 

    Mommy checked on the baby. The baby was crying, but only from fright during the commotion.
Wob, was glad that it had not been Stranger Danger after all. He was so happy that he had been able to save the baby – he was still glowing and smiling proudly. 

    After the excitement was over, Mother and Father walked over to the high shelf and thanked Wob. They realized this little character they hardly ever noticed had saved their baby from harm. Father said ‘look at the way he is standing and saluting, he looks quite official – let’s call him, “The Official Baby Watcher. 
Father, then reached for Wob, picked him off the high shelf and set him closer to the baby’s bed. Mother, gave him a big kiss on the cheek. Wob, felt a warm glow inside - he liked the feeling of father’s warm, gentle hands, and Mommy’s tender kiss. 

    Finally, Wob is a part of the family – he is closer to the baby. 
And even though the toys still think he is a funny sight – they like him and accept him just the way he is. 

                                                                            The End.

EPILOGUE: Now Mommy, Daddy, Brother and Sister have formed “The Official Baby Watcher Helper’s Team” in their home - to help Wob watch over the baby at all times. They now realize what a big job being a Baby Watcher really is. This is where his mission originates. The family, especially the children will have fun being a part of his mission and wearing the "I am an Official Baby Watcher's Helper" T-shirts and Badges.