Story Book Back Cover Introduction



 The story is non-violent, non-mushy, inspirational reading for chil­dren, the older siblings of babies and small children ages 4 to 8.

This original inspirational story was written to inspire the older sib-

lings to become ^tensions of the character"Baby Watcher Helpers" and have FUN watching over their li'l baby brothers' and sis­ters' well-being. This serves to make its "Fanciful" Purpose and Mission - a warm "Reality.

 Through the story, children will learn how this seemingly unimpor­tant peculiar misfit named “Wob”, so loved the baby in our story that with the help of his, "Little Voice from Within", found the courage to overcome his fears and self-doubt to save the baby from pending danger. Because of his GREAT LOVE, Wob, magically transforms into the dashing and debonair hero that you see here today, and earns his unique, peculiar, yet appropriate title.

This story may also be a small step in the elimination of sibling rivalry and jealousy in the long run. If you have children, this story is a must.

 Authored and Illustrated by Ray Gatica